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Your very own financial buddy that educates, guides and empowers

An inclusive software that guides individuals pick up functional money management with safeguards

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The tool that empowers independent living

The dilemma of parents: They understand money management is essential for their loved ones to truly lead an independent life yet they are worried about their loved ones falling prey to cheats or losing money to scams.

We have created the SpedGrow’s software which allows vulnerable individuals to handle financial transactions in a safe environment. With the software, these individuals can make purchases independently, grow savings for the things they like, and basically learn to be savvy with their money while being protected.

SpedGrow’s software will protect your loved ones, money and eliminate your worries.

Best of all, your loved ones can finally learn to be truly independent.


For Caregivers

  • Do not have to worry about your loved ones overspending

  • Do not have to worry about emergencies

For Users

  • Practice financial literacy skills in a safe and authentic environment

  • Do not have to carry huge amounts of cash in case of emergencies

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Gamified Education

For Caregivers

  • Making screen time meaningful by engaging your loved ones in independent learning

  • Equip your loved ones with financial skills

For Users

  • Learning can be fun with our games and quizzes!

  • Financial literacy skills can be practiced anywhere, anytime

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